Her venom spits through the air,
shooting from her unhinged jaw
as she bares her empty fangs for all to see.
She could hear the beat of your paws,
the rhythmic motion against the damp earthy ground
as she slithers closer and closer.

She can smell the iron atop your skin
as your open wounds sting in the cold breeze.
The scent acts as a compass
always wafting in her direction.

The moon paints you in silver aerosols from above.

Your cries piercing the air like sewing needles,
puncturing through the veil of the night sky
until only silence and blood remain.

She escapes through the greenery,
hidden within tall blades of grass.
Lost within a sea of fearful bystanders.
Squirrels and rabbits awoken from their slumber
hideaway with bated breath as they wait and pray.

A.M Minnittee

A.M Minnittee is an author and illustrator from Miami. Best known for her illustrated poetry book “Divine Timing”, and her work in Grain Of Salt Magazine. You can find her on instagram @a.martworktime and twitter at @AMartworktime.