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Purgatory is an island in the middle of the sea. The sand there is the colour of snow. The flowers grow fur. On the high branches of trees there are crystals that sing. And down below, there are sins languishing on the shore. They lie…

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The Jig of the Dead

There are mass graves everywhere in the city mass graves where bodies are burned mass graves where corpses are burned there are mass graves everywhere in the city we see the bodies of women children men mixed with dogs we can no longer distinguish the…

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Biography of a Librarian

Rain splattered against the iron-laced window panes high overhead as Devon hurried through the library. Shadows stretched away from him down the hall, gathering in corners and towering over his head, getting caught in the gaudy chandeliers that watched over his flight from above. He…

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The Release

I opened my palmsSecrets I had been keepingFlew into the sky te akerutoore no himitsu gasora ni tobu Tamiko Dooley Tamiko Dooley read Latin and French at New College, Oxford. She was the winner of the BBC Radio 3 carol competition 2021. Twitter: Tamiko_Dooley

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What Falls like Rain

# The balanced sun, surrounded by a host of clouds, shone upon Burnt Seed Lake. It was a calm afternoon. Most of the boats had already escaped the heat. The few that remained had either failed to register the humidity, or were still there to…

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some john thoughtI owed him my foot.blood was spilled. can’tyou tell? I trip over my own stepsand remember Iwasn’t born butraised. thinged so many timesI almost slitmy wrists butinstead I saidI could do better- a blowjobmachine. a dead women’sreason to fight. a deadman’s discarded child.…

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Blasted Hallways

(Based on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Rappaccinni’s Daughter”) My Dear Thompson, Allow me to convey to you some unpleasant news. The corridors which I inhabit have lately become overrun and damaged as a result of a corrupting incident, one that you prophetically foresaw and one of which…

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